Help, Expertise and Patience

“Caroline was the listing agent for my family home in Crozet, Va. The home had been in my family for generations, and was over 100 years old. It was in need of a lot of tlc but I had thought that, since it was a popular and growing area, it would be snatched up quickly by a foresighted buyer who wanted a historic home in a lovely area. I was very wrong, but it was with the help, expertise and patience of this wonderful agent, that my home sold at the height of the market. Caroline listened to everything I said, every question I asked so well that she saw how important it was for me to see this house become a home for someone who would cherish it as I did, and care for it better than I did. Caroline walked me through every nuance and detail of home sales, taught me more about home sales than I ever thought possible. She came to me prepared to take the reigns, with a wonderful inspector, an excellent and prompt contractor, who I am using to help me fix up my current home, and a thorough and prompt real estate attorney who ensured that all the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted. I was not a seller who wanted to be knee deep in the sale. I would definitely recommend Caroline to everyone buying or selling a home in the area and will be contacting her if I ever sell or buy another home. Thanks for everything, Caroline!!!!!”