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Biscuit Run Land will be donated to the Virginia Park System

December 31, 2009

  Biscuit Run has officially been transferred to the state of Virginia to become a State Park.    The previously planned residential development is a large piece of property in Albemarle County near Old Lynchburg Road and Route 20.   After much debate, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors approved plans a few years ago for a 3,000-home development on the property. However, the developers recently changed those plans and decided Wednesday they would rather give the land to Virginia to create a State Park. Making it park land sounds really nice but this property is in the County's future growth area.  Now that its use has changed, the Charlottesville area real estate market will change as well given this land will no longer be used for future housing.  It will be interesting to watch how this will effect new home development in the future.   The Governor's Office is expected to provide additional details on this story Wednesday evening.  Source:            

Together We Can make a Difference

December 12, 2009

This letter was published in Charlottesville's Daily Progress this morning.  

Helpful Internet Sites shared by Nationally Renown trainer, Rick DeLuca

December 10, 2009

Rick DeLuca's Technology Tips for December 10, 2009 More Convenient Then Remembering: Sometimes, we find articles and sites we want to revisit. Remembering addresses or bookmarking isn't always convenient. is a handy little site. Start by setting up your account. When there's something you want to read later, use your address bar. Enter "" (minus quotes) before the Web address. will e-mail you a link to the page. can do more than that. You can send yourself a reminder via the address bar. You can also send pages and reminders to your phone   Get Auto Repair Estimates: It is difficult to find a mechanic for your car because it is a challenge to comparison shop. When it comes to repairs, getting the right estimate can be messy. That's where RepairPal can help. It will provide you with estimates for car maintenance and repairs. Of course, there's more to RepairPal than estimates. It will also help you locate mechanics that specialize on your make of car. You can also post your car questions. Or, visit the Encyclopedia to learn more about cars.   Exercising Your Brain Too: Head over to Games for the Brain. You'll find plenty of games to help you keep your mind in shape. There are fun word games. You can also play Mahjongg, Sudoku and Chess. There are also some games that you can put on your Web site or blog. These games are great to give your brain a quick little tune up. But, be careful! It would be too easy to play for hours! Add Custom Frames To Photos: Not only for Christmas and other holidays. How about those photos you send to prospective clients? Why not create your own photo cards? It is much easier than you think. In fact, you don't need to know anything about photo editing. HP has a variety of photo frames and borders you can use. And they're free! Start by picking the design you'd like. Then, upload your photos. You can upload from your computer. Or, choose a photo hosted on Snapfish. Simply drag your photo onto the photo frame or border. When you're done, print your card!   Compare Estimated With Actual Gas Mileage: New car estimated gas mileage is usually optimistic to actual. So, you may wonder how the actual mileage stacks up. After all, your driving style and other factors play a role in mileage.That's where Fuelly can help. This site is useful for anyone who is car shopping. You can see owners' actual mileage. You'll see just how optimistic the estimated mileage is.You can also use it to see how your driving habits affect your mileage. Or, it can help you determine when to get your car serviced!   Sharing Ideas That Make A Difference...

Thanks to the readers of Albemarle Family Living Magazine for making us #1

December 8, 2009

We at Roy Wheeler Realty Company are pleased to have been selected by the Albemarle Family Living Magazine readers as their #1 choice when it comes to real estate.  Roy Wheeler's Denise Ramey was also recognized by the readers as their #1 choice when it comes to individual Realtors.  This award ,along with our greater than 99% client satisfaction rating, shows that our commitment to quality service in a professional way is not just a slogan but the way we do business with everyone with whom we have the privilege to serve.

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