– 1st Quarter Market Report

2018 1Q Market Report The Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors released their 1st Quarter market report this week. It would be easy to look at it and say things are continuing to improve. The number of Sales are up, Homes are appreciating, and the economy here is providing more and more jobs. You can find

– New Wintergreen Office News Release

Roy Wheeler Realty Company is excited to announce the name change of our office Wintergreen Resort Premier Properties to our new name Wintergreen Mountain and Valley Properties.  Our 12 year joint venture with Wintergreen Resort ended on March 31st.  We have appreciated the privilege to serve the resort in this way over what have been

– First Time Homebuying

Are you someone that doesn’t think you can buy a home? Believe it or not, many of you reading this article are renting because you don’t think you have the ability to purchase a home of your own.  Much of this misunderstanding is because of the Dodd-Frank act that was passed after banks allowed people

– Can I buy a house with bitcoin?

Bitcoin is hard to miss these days. Chatter about the cryptocurrency is everywhere as more businesses — from coffee shops to online retailers — accept it as a payment option. That raises an important question for us: will there come a day when buyers can use bitcoin to finance a home? Maybe. Bitcoin is slowly making its way into

– The Spring Market is Near!

If you’re a prospective home seller, here are five things you can do now to get ready for a spring sale. Start packing It may sound crazy to start packing months in advance of your move, but since you’ll eventually need to do this anyway, you might as well get organized now. We’re not suggesting